Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Victory Pattern Satsuki Top


I made this Victory Pattern - Satsuki the other week and already over worn it! Its fantastic. I originally made this one as a dress but then was trying to find a shirt to wear and decided to make it a little shorter into a long shirt. But I think I will get so much more wear out of it like this and I will just have to make a couple more before summer comes. P.S This dress was soooo easy! Took only about an hour to make with my cotton material!

Pattern Photo:

These instructions are fantastic, I rate Victory patterns as one of the best downloadable patterns and this pattern would be great for beginners. So quick to make!!

There are two options to this pattern so that's a plus in itself. I made the one shown above.without the holes in the sleeves. I am always trying to find long shirts I can wear to work on Casual Friday because I normally just wear my jeans. Its a baggy but really pretty design with the ruffle at the front and the ruffle type sleeves. Also you don't have to worry that your side or bra will show with these sleeves as its sewn right up.

I can guarantee that I will have a million of these tops in my cupboard before summer is over! Highly recommend and really LOVE!

More photos:

I have already made this as the dress version. More photos coming soon!!


  1. Really cute ..I like it as a long top..Looks great on you.

  2. Thanks Sew Blessed Maw your such a sweety!! xoxo

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    1. Thanks Cennetta!! Really appreciate the lovely comments xoxo