Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Victory Pattern Roxanne Shirt

Pattern Photo:

I would like to start this post by saying have you seen the new Victory Patterns!!!! Ermahgerd they are soo cute and I am in the process of making UM.. ALL OF THEM!! haha. I still trying hunt down some material for the Ava dress so I can make it up and try it on my sister to have as Bridesmaids dresses so in the mean time I decided to try one of the new ones. So here is my first one.. the Roxanne Shirt.

Oh and has anyone else had to email Kristiann the creator? She is one seriously lovely lady. She emails you back always within the day, is always so helpful and kind and it makes you happy that you are supporting her business!!

Anyways, here's my review...

Were the instructions easy to follow?
These instructions are beautifully made and designed she is one clever girl. As a printed pdf its really easy to understand what you need to do and what you need to start. I am actually favouring doing these pdf patterns now over the standard paper patterns because its less time consuming cutting it out that it is for me to trace my paper patterns.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? 
Everything!! These tops in Australian shops can cost anything from $60 upwards. I love that you could probably wear this top with leggings/jeans but then it would look really awesome with short short as it still covers you legs and front that you don't feel like your totally naked. I hate my legs so anything to cover them up I am happy about!! lol. The back pleats are a really nice touch to a baggy/boyish shirt.

Fabric Used:
Crepe and also a polyester lining. I will have to say after using this material I was ready to throw the thing out and wrote it off as a fail due to the constant pulling as I was sewing and horrible mess that it created when I took it up. I tried to do the cute front collar but after the mess it made I just picked it apart, took it off and made it without it. This was pretty disappointing as I really loved this part! But I made myself finish it because I hate starting projects and just putting them aside. I made some cupcakes in between so that helped! It was only when I was putting this shirt on to take the photos I started to like it again and now I kinda love it.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I unfortunately couldn't do the collar because of the material. Also because it was a crepe (see through) material I had to make the under shirt  I just copied the front part and top back part as is. However for the back I cut it without the extra pleats. So I basically halved the width of the back so it was made without the pleats and then the crepe material could sit flatly on top. See pictures below.

Pattern Sizing:
I cut a size 6 and it fit me perfectly.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? 

Yes, yes and yes!! I've got some plain cotton this time and I am going to try and dip dye it!! I have looked up a few ways of doing this, purchased some blue dye and I cant wait to finish it this weekend. Here are the results...

Let me know what you think!! 

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Happy Sewing!!

♥♥♥♥ From Erin ♥♥♥♥


  1. Gorgeous! I love Victory Patterns too- they need to get more attention and I think yours will do that!

    1. Thanks prttynpnk! I know they are pretty nice patterns I have been wanting to get back to these for a while now. Plus they are pretty simple patterns and dont take too long to make. Let me know if you make any I would love to see!!

  2. This is adorable.. Love that fabric. I will have to check out victory patterns.I have been hearing great things about them.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks Sew Blessed Maw!! Yes definitely check them out you would love them. So easy to make too you can probably get a few done in one weekend hehe. I love it when you make lots you feel like you achieved so much more!!

  3. I LOVE your version of Roxane. So drapey and colorful. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Mela it's one of my favourite patterns now I went and bought some more fabric similar to this to make a couple more hehe. Hopefully they turn out even better. I made the satsuki dress on the weekend as well which i will have to post up soon but it was so simple and easy for how pretty it is. Great patterns!!