Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Victory Pattern Roxanne Shirt 2

So I completely fell in love with this pattern its so awesome and definitely my style! You can make it in really beautiful lightweight material or just plain cotton with the extra features like the collar and pocket.

I am back to show you both versions and my (almost successful) attempt at dip dying.

Here is my pattern review with some slight changes.

These instructions are beautifully made and designed. Once again if you haven't tried a Victory Pattern I highly recommend them. They are really well details and well made patterns.

I've made this once already and loved the length of this top and the back feature. The sleeves are really beautiful construction and sits quite lovely.

There are two versions. This one is a lightweight crepe material and some soft lightweight polyester lining. The pattern didn't come with instructions for the lining so I just cut the front, back part (removing the pleats). 

The second version is a lightweight cotton.

After making my last top I realised the shoulders weren't the right fit for me as they pulled slightly when I bent forward. For this top I had to make the top and back part slightly wider to accommodate for this. I cut a size 6 and it fit well with the shoulder adjustments.

I love this top and would definitely sew it again and again.

Okay so here is my dip dye attempt!!

So it wasn't a complete disaster although it was pretty messy and not the greatest result. At least I gave it a try and now know what to expect. It certainly didn't turn out as well as the shop bought ones, that's for sure. 


  1. Love your new blouse.. Great job with the dying.

  2. The floral fabric is just beautiful and perfect for that pattern.

  3. Thanks Sew Blessed and Rosi I think the soft crepe material actually looks nicer in this pattern although I'm going to make another one in a light polyester and see how that turns out. hopefully be this weekends project hehe!!

  4. I love this blouse! I'm so in to the blouses that are longer in the back. Good dye job! I'm scared to try the dye thing. I'm so messy!

    1. Thanks Shanni, it was pretty messy. Cant really say it was a success because its a bit blotchy. But still fun to give it a try lol.

  5. these are really great! i love love the floral in the first one and I like the dye effect, too. I've been wanting to try dip dying but I don't have a big enough plastic tub. both are very chic!

    1. Thanks Dixie, the lightweight material ones turn out really nice. I like them much better than the plain cotton. Lol the dip dye ones were pretty messy you should have seen my hands after this and I was wearing gloves!! Turned into a smurf.

  6. I love the floral material, it looks great:)
    I love your blog, and am starting/trying to make my own.
    I also bought this pattern because of the floral top ;)


    1. Thanks Rebecca!
      Thats so lovely of you. I am looking forward to seeing what you create on your blog. I have been a bit hopeless lately because I am making a new website. Hopefully have it up soon :)

      Thanks so much for the comment :)