Monday, August 13, 2012

New Look 6070 Shirt

Pattern Photo:

Front and Side View

Back and Side View

I am usually a size 12 in patterns but I didn't really check the pattern before cutting it out and I am pretty sure I should of cut my lower half a fraction bigger which is why my Dress turned into a shirt. The dress did fit me but I like my skirt part to be a bit baggier on my bum and the way the dress sat it wasn't very flattering for my body type.

The top pleat is really cute and I like the puff type sleeves which give a look like shoulder pads. The waist band was a perfect sizing and sat where it should. The front pleat that sits right on the stomach wasn't really my cup of tea because it puffed right on my stomach and made me look a bit frumpy. I am pretty sure I cut it all correctly and I found the skirt back slit was way too high. Probably would have been a bit scared to bend over wearing it. For these couple of reasons I decided to CHOP and make it into a shirt which I am pretty pleased about.

Other than chopping it up to make it into a shirt I also cut the front and back top sections out twice and made that the lining instead of the small neck and back lining which is included in the pattern. This worked out pretty nice as a plain white to give the patterned material a bit of thickness.

I would recommend but check the skirt length and where the back slit sits just in case you want to actually bend over in the dress. Also if your usually bigger on the bottom half check before cutting your fabric to give a bit more extra room to move. Good Luck!!


  1. I hate photos too..[lol]
    Your dress turned blouse is really cute. Love the fabric.. And it made a cute blouse.. Can't wait to see your dress. happy sewing.

  2. Thank you Sew Blessed Maw I am glad I was able to recover it hehe.
    You always look lovely in your photos and you create such beautiful things so don't worry!! :) I am a bit hopeless at photos and only really get time to take them at night so hopefully they come across Okay.. lol.

  3. I love this! I love dress patterns, but I don't wear dresses all the time- your cropping this makes me want to grab this pattern and make it NOW!

  4. This is an adorable top and looks great on you! I love the puffed sleeves and the black & white print. In my very limited experience, New Look patterns run big in the shoulders and quite narrow in the hips - just the opposite of the way I'm built.

  5. Thanks for this post - valuable advice for me before embarking on my dress!

    Have you made this in a dress since? If so, I'd love to know how you got the skirl pleats not to puff out. I think I may make this again but omit the skirt pleats - i guess you just have to use a heavier fabric?

    I love this as a top though - great job - i'd like something like this for work.

    If you're interested you can see my results at my new 'kate corrie' sewing blog at