Monday, August 13, 2012

BurdaStyle Boyfriends Pants


Pattern Photo:

Burda Boyfriend Pants Front

Front View

I don't find BurdaStyle pattern instructions to be very well constructed or easy to follow. They could add a few pictures or write the steps a bit clearer so it makes sense if your just using the instruction manual given for each pattern. However, after pulling my hair out over a few things recently with the BurdaStyle instructions I realised you can search for the individual steps so example for these pants How to make a welt pocket with flap or Apply a mock fly-front zipper. I didn't add the back pocket welt as I wasn't confident to do it without the picture but using these instructions may make it a bit easier. So if you get stuck just try searching the step in BurdaStyle which is so much more helpful than trying to work out on your own.

I like the bagginess of these pants. I don't like pants that stick to my bum so if they are baggy up the top and then go skinny at the bottom they are my perfect pants. The Yoke is a nice feature at the top with the pleats and it would probably look a bit better if it included the Welt pocket on the back bums but I didn't do it for these pants.

I had to make the front yoke a slight bit wider as I have really wide hips. However in doing so I made the pants a bit too baggy around my waist so I now have to take it in a little bit. I wanted to see what it looked like with the front yoke and I was please I left it in for these pants. There are a few other versions without the front yoke which also look nice.

I would recommend as a baggy option of pants but still very formal and really comfortable. They turned out really nice but for my first pair of pants I think I may have done a couple of steps incorrectly which I will hopefully resolve thanks to the BurdaStyle online help instructions.

Pants Front, Side and Back view wearing them.

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  1. They look super comfy, would be good travelling pants. I think they would convert to cargo pants really well too.