Monday, July 9, 2012

BurdaStyle Crossover Blazer #121


Pattern Photo:

This pattern looked fantastic by the photos and I had a bit of lightweight wool blend in my stash that I thought would look great with it. I have had some Burdastyle patterns in my account download for a while now and thought I would try and tackle one since there were so many great outcomes on the website.

Pattern Instruction:
I would have to say that being used to Vogue/ Colette / Simplicity etc that going to a Burdastyle pattern the instructions were a bit daunting as there are no instruction pictures and I found myself going really...?? Why do it in that order that seems a bit strange. So I will try my best to describe what worked best for me creating this garment.

This then gave me the front and back pieces which I then sewed together down the sides and on the shoulders. There was also a collar piece which was added to the back part when sewing the front and back together. If I made this jacket again I would minus the collar and just extend that back piece to go right up to the top. The collar didn't really add much value to my jacket I didn't think and it was quite small in the end but maybe I didnt do it correctly? hehe.

This now gave me the whole jacket front and back without the sleeves attached. I thought I would leave the sleeves until last. Also, since the jacket was going to be lined I thought I would line the whole thing and pull it all through the sleeved where no one could see. So I then created the lining in the same steps to get the same outcome as the jacket outside. Once I was finished this I turned them both so the right sides were facing each other, wrong sides on the outside and sewed all the way around the jacket outer edge. Once it was completely sewn I turned the jacket to the right sides through the sleeve holes. As you can see all my messy bits came through at the sleeves which was overlocked after adding the sleeves.

There was a couple of ways to do the sleeves I thought but they weren't as hard to grasp. Although if anyone wants any further information let me know and I can try and draw some diagrams for my blog.

I added the buttons a bit differently as I wanted to fold it down like in the picture but maybe I didn't make a big enough size jacket for it to go that far across so I just added them where they fit nicely. There were 5 total on the front and 2 each on the sleeves.

Pattern Review

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I would say not really. Once you have made one Burdastyle pattern its a lot easier to understand how they lay things out. There is no pattern description on the pattern ie, jacket front (Cut 2 fabric, cut 2 lining) you have to read the separate printout for this. Its probably because they are so universal and in a few languages. Instructions were pretty terrible for this jacket. I think one of the first steps was to add buttons and I was thinking where? I haven't even made the front yet. But my advise is to stick with it and give it a go because it turned out pretty nice!!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? 
I really liked the design of the jacket it turned out pretty modern and can be casual or nice to wear to work. The jacket is pretty unique I haven't found any other pattern similar like a lot of the BurdaStyle patterns. They are fantastic garments and I have started to get into the downloadable patterns as its so easy just to print them out and cut out the paper pattern whilst keeping the hard copy on file for a later date. Its a good investment!!

Fabric Used:
Lightweight wool blend and a polyester lining. You didn't need much fabric for this pattern which was nice. I could probably make a couple more jackets in the material that I bought because there was a lot left over from 2 meters of each.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I stuck to the pattern, however I would get rid of the back collar next time. Not sure if I did it incorrectly but didnt think it was needed a second time round.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? 
I would definitely sew it again its a pretty jacket with a nice outcome and even though the instructions weren't great it turned out nicely in the end.

More about ME!

Did I forgot to mention its my Birthday today!! I am officially getting OLD (3 years till I'm 30 arrhh!!) Although check out what I arrived to at work this morning! It was a really nice surprise!!
I am also lucky enough to share "almost" the same birthday as my partner whos birthday was yesterday hehe Happy Birthday babe!! So we have booked in to go to Noosa QLD as a short getaway! Yay! 

My desk at work!!! hehe

My pugs also like to get into the spirit and look forward to some cupcakes :)


  1. Thanks for the great details on this jacket as I have it in my sewing queue and have even bought the fabrics. This is another of those that I will have to study the instructions for a week before I start...

  2. I love your jacket, beautifully done. Happy birthday!

  3. Thank you for the comments!! Thanks Liz and Valerie for the birthday messages!! :)

  4. This is a fabulous jacket. Well done!

  5. Love the jacket, really neat! Love the pugs too! My pugs name is Vito and he sure is a character! Pug lover for life!

  6. Ah yes - the fabulousness of Burda instructions... Not. Either way I really like the end result! Your sleeve seam looks good too, and that's something I always struggle with. Hope you get plenty of wear from it!

  7. Thanks PoppyKettle and Sewingelle. hehe I didnt realise Burda instructions were going to be just a list of how to. I think its good if you have done bits and pieces before to know what you doing but it was a bit of a guess really!! I have a few others I am trying out but takes me a couple of times to figure out what the instructions mean.

    ShanniLoves I am going to steal that name if I ever get another pet I LOVE it haha. I can just imagine a cheekly little pug called Vito thats the best!! My pugs rule us they are very spoilt although they sleep for 18hrs a day!! lol.

  8. I've only just got the magazine with thuis pattern, so finding your instructions was timely - your version looks great.

    1. Hey Every Stitch, I really need to get the Burda magazines it probably helps a bunch. I was going in a bit blinded but also just realised you can search for steps (tutorials) on Burdastyle as well. Luckily!! Not as much hair pulling from now on. :) P.S cant wait to see your version!!

  9. Would you mind linking me to a tutorial for this jacket that you are talking about? I looked around Burdastyle for some more help with it but can't seem to find much :( I am not used to these Burda patterns! Thanks :)

    1. Hey Hun, sorry this was just my explaination of how I made this jacket. I agree I couldn't really work it out from the pattern instructions and found them rather confusing. There is tutorials on burda but mostly for individual elements such a how to sew a zip, how to insert a slit facing etc. If you want to send me your details I can email you the close up photos of my steps above if that helps? I will insert an email option on my blog soon so you can do it privately.

  10. Thanks! I will do my best with it and see how it goes. May have to take you up on the offer if it gets too rocky. Your version of it is lovely by the way. Keep it up.

  11. Great jacket.
    I've had this pattern in my favourites for a while and bought some wool the other day that I thought was going to become trousers but obvioulsy wants to be this jacket, your pictures and blog post are the final thing to tip me over into buying this pattern.


  12. I have just purchased this pattern and it is my first downloadable pattern, so thank you for the heads up on instructions, etc as i have never sewn Burda before. As I look at the line drawing, i think you may have put the sleeves on backwards, sort of. The seamline for a two piece sleeve should run the back of the arm, over the elbow. I don't mean to criticize, just want to point it out in case anyone is looking at your photo during construction and becomes confused.