Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vogue 1236 Dress - Flowers

Pattern Photo:


I followed the pattern to the sizing and found it fit exactly to my desired measurements. This pattern is a fairly baggy fit, as you can pull it over your head and doesn't require any zips or fastners. I LOVE that you can then just use a belt to fit it around your waste and it looks great!

I just added an inside lining which just finished the dress a lot nicer inside and feels nice to wear. I also didn't make the belt this time because I usually just end up wearing my own belts as seen above. But they are still really cute with the fabric belt as seen in the photo below.

his is now my 4th dress in this pattern and will most likely keep making it over as its fantastic. Comfortable, professional and cute! Click here to go to my other review for more photos.

The Vogue pattern may not look like the most interesting pattern but this dress is so comfortable, easy to make and can be made so lovely in the right material.

More Photos:

Same dress - different material


  1. This is such a great shape for you- and obviously more versatile than Vogue knew!

  2. I love a linen print and you've convinced me now that this is a hidden treasure sort of pattern...despite the almost 30 reviews, LOL! Very cute dress. (Note to self: buy belts!)

  3. I love this dress. Looks great on you.. Such pretty fabric too.

  4. I like it, this would be a great trans-seasonal piece. It is nice to have something you can wear year round. Great job and I like all your versions.

  5. Hey Erin!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and all the kind comments. I am enjoying your blog too! I love your "projects" page so I can check out all your finished projects :) Will keep me busy for a few days :P