Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kwik Sew 3089 Baby Sleeping Bag



These sleeping bags took me about 30 mins to make it was really simple and finished really nicely. I'm planning on making a couple more by the weekend.

Since it seems like there is a baby boom at the moment with all friends, family, work mates etc all having babies I thought to get a couple of patterns and try out things that normally cost quite a bit in the shops. This pattern is so cute and with a flannelette material its really gorgeous. It ends up being a perfect gift.

The fabric is a flannelette with ribbing at the collar. Since it's for babies is probably a good idea to get low fire danger material.

Also, here's something else all cuddly and cute for your viewing :)


  1. ooooooh! this so cute! i love it! but i'm afraid this can make my little boy feel hot and uncomfortable :( can't be???