Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Bunny Snuggle

Pattern Photo:


The instructions for making the bunny were excellent.  There is a video on the Funky Friends Factory website on ‘How to Sew Toys’ with fabulous hint and tips.

I loved the pattern, in fact all the toy patterns from Funky Friends Factory are really great.  They are all so cute and can be made to suit your own taste in fabric. This pattern was adapted quite easily to make a baby snuggle.

The fabric is a polar fleece for back of snuggle and minky in four different colours for the front.  I used polar fleece for the bunny head and arms.

How this was made: I used only the head and arm sections of the pattern so that it could be adapted to make the snuggle. I used safety eyes and nose with a small piece of cutaway behind the eyes so they don’t pull on the fleece.

I joined the head and arms to a half section of the blanket top (minky) and then sewed on the other half of the blanket top. (right sides together).  With right sides together (front and back) I sewed all around the outside of the blanked leaving a small section opened so that it could be turned to the right side.

The blanket was then sewn around,  ¼”  from the edge to complete.  I also sewed across the seam joins on the front of the blanket to secure it firmly to the back so as to give it a quilted look.


I have made three of these already – requests from and for friends. Definitely worth checking out Funky Friends Factory toys they are really cute!


  1. Wow! That's FABULOS!!! Thanks for the compliments too! : )

  2. That's okay the compliments are well deserved your patterns are wonderful. There will be plenty more reviews for your patterns coming soon!! I have a 1 week old nephew in the family so these are going off like crazy! We love them :)

  3. Can you share your pattern and the size of this cute snuggle.I would love to make this for grandbabies.

    1. Hey Erika! I will try my best to get it on my tutorials soon! I haven't made this one for a while so ill have to do another one so I can make some instructions hehe.