Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vogue Dress 1236

Pattern Design:

This pattern is a fairly baggy fit, as you can pull it over your head and doesn't require any zips or fasteners.  I LOVE that you can then just use a belt to fit it around your waste and it looks great!.

I think it definitely looked like the drawing but with the right material you can make this dress amazing! I ended up starting with a plain black because I figured I could put a coloured button shirt underneath. I had this pattern when I went to the fabric shop and I picked a patterned material which is now one of my favourite work dresses!

The instructions were easy to follow and once you have made it once its extremely easy to make.

The lined pattern fabric that you can see is a cotton sateen.. The black dress at the very bottom is just a lightweight linen but then the checker black/gold is cotton. So you can kinda make it in anything!

The Vogue pattern may not look like the most interesting pattern but this dress is so comfortable  easy to make and can be made so lovely in the right material. It's a really great pattern!



  1. I really like these dresses as jumpers ......... be good for the weather we're having right now, actually, most of Winter - if it gets too warm in the middle of the day you can take the shirt off and just have a sleeveless dress.

  2. Love the jumper. Good mix!

    Question: did you make the blouses as well? They work very well with the jumpers.

  3. Hey Alison, thank you for the comments I actually bought the shirts from Portmans in Australia. I liked the longer sleeves on them so I ended up grabbing one in every colour lol. I can have a look and see if I can find a pattern similar for you.

  4. I'm going to use the last fabric this weekend :) Hope it turns out as nice as yours!!