Monday, April 23, 2012

Simplicity Dog Jumper 3939



The above jumper was made for my friends puppy using the pattern above but it ended up being quite short on her. It was a good tester though so we made her a new one so her little bum didn't freeze.

Below is a picture of my Pug dog Busta since I decided to make my dogs one while I was at it.

I made pattern D, which is the bottom right jumper on the pattern (shown above). It definitely looked like the pattern and its one of my favourite puppy jumpers, as it fits them perfectly. They are very easy to make, only taking about 30 minutes.

Its easy to just throw over their head and they are not restricted if they need to go to the toilet. Some designs go all the way under, which is just silly.

No pattern alterations other than to decorate it (as seen with my B for Busta hehe)I love it and I secretly think my pugs love it as well.


  1. The pics are adorable. I love this pattern, too, and it turns out so well. I used an ultra cuddle fabric and it's perfect for this winter we've been having in Illinois.