Sunday, April 15, 2012

McCalls Skirt 6439

Pattern Design:


I made the skirt that is in the photo but I really want to try the others. Oh, and its not as short as the picture seems to make it look which I was a bit worries about. She must be a really tall skinny model so a good thing if you don't want it too short!

I definitely loved the pleats in this skirt and how its almost like a wrap skirt underneath so its kinda baggy and doesn't hug to your body. Its really cute with the additional pockets.

The fabric is a polyester blend. This fabric was really pretty and very good quality from The Fabric Shop down at Robina, Gold Coast.

I want to try this pattern again but maybe just in a plain black so I can mix and match a bit more.


  1. Great pattern matching! Impressive.

  2. Great fabric and a great looking skirt!

  3. Wow! Australia has some great prints in the shops! Such a cool skirt!

  4. this is the first time i've sewn something so i chose this pattern, but i can't seem to understand the "facing and lining" section, do you think you could help me understand. im making skirt C

    1. Hey Lily can you send me your email at and I will try and take some photos for you and send them through. That might make it a bit easier?