Sunday, April 19, 2015

Floral Lekala Dress

So I've been a little obsessed with this style of dress lately. After seeing tons of versions I decided to make it using the Lekala 4209 Pattern. For me the Lekala patterns were perfect because the original size was quite close to my original sizing requirements. After only one tester I was right to go. 

On her actual website I think you can put your own dimensions in and she will send you a pattern per your size.

As per normal I made a few versions.

Lekala Pattern

So this is the pattern I ended up using. I took in the neck so it didn't bulk out in the picture as shown below. There were a few more patterns I found that were similar including the By Hand London Kim Dress

 Cute Dresses

I was looking some dresses I can wear to my upcoming USA holiday in July. This dress from Hello Molly was one of my favourites. I loved how the left side of the dress was longer. Combined that with the Asos dress it was perfect!

My Version

All I did was alter the skirt front side and the two back parts so it was longer on the left and the normal size on the right. Also the two skirt parts were supposed to join so I just extended the one underneath and left them both open. Also, like always I changed the cap sleeve to a full sleeve to fit my shoulders.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

BurdaStyle Princess Seam Seath Dress

This is one of those awesome plus size patterns I was telling you about (BurdaStyle Princess Seam Sheath Dress) that I accidentally bought because the model does not in any way look plus size and I wasn't paying close enough attention when I selected it. The material they made the dress in is like 'yeah this dress is okaayy..." but then when you make it you're totally in love! 

It's also funny because no one has posted a picture of this dress made on BurdaStyle yet but after making it it's now one of my favourite dresses. After seeing my blue version my sister also went out and bought the exact fabric so she could have one too. She originally borrowed it for a week or two and I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get it back lol!

This version has no pockets.

This version has the pockets.

So if you're not a plus size there is a small amount of work modifying the pattern but I just cut out a test version and I was good to go! 

The only change I made was to the sleeves. I originally made it with the sleeves from the pattern but after wearing it out a few times I unpicked them and decide to change them because they were a little bit too tight. I naturually have wide shoulders so I don't think this would be a problem for everyone. 

The pattern itself was pretty easy to construct. You have to be a bit careful where you join the front and skirt part together as this part is a bit tricky when you turn the corner but just don't cut your fabric until you know you have it right. Also, if you get it wrong you can just resew the pleat in the skirt and make it look neat!

Here is the BurdaStyle original version. I definitely recommend this dress to anyone who thinks they can take on the resizing etc. It's totally worth the effort!

Vogue Shirt 8772 & Skirt 8672

This would have to be one of my favourite skirt patterns. I made the most simple version in this pattern Vogue 8672 but it's still great. It's high waisted and has 3 panels on the front and 4 on the back creating a really slim fit.

The shirt pattern 8772 was a really great pattern too. I tried making it in this see-through lightweight fabric that I have had in my stash for such a long time. The pattern itself was pretty simple for a Vogue pattern and didn't take an excessive amount of time to make.

The combination of both patterns make for a perfect work wardrobe!

 I'm looking forward to testing out the other versions on this pattern.

If you want to see some creative versions of this Vogue top check out Maude's Belle Top and her Tiger Top. This is originally why I pulled out this pattern!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kids or Pet Animal Pillows

This is a pattern I developed at Echidna Sewing as part of a new 'Home Sewing' inspirational page we are creating. These are easy to make, cute and definitely popular with the pugs!

You can download this free pattern and tutorial. Feel free to give me any feedback as well since I've only just started making patterns. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BurdaStyle Playsuit

I've always loved jumpsuits and playsuits but I find in stores they always have really short shorts! So when I saw the BurdaStyle Playsuit I thought I would give them a go.

I would have to admit the material BurdaStyle used as the main picture for this pattern is a bit horrible but the pattern itself is pretty great.

I would probably add belt loops next time since the belt didn't quite stay in place for the photo above. 

The pattern below shows long sleeves and pants so I just shortened the pants and didn't add the sleeves. See Pattern picture below.